iCorp Digital is in its infancy as a service within the Body Corporate industry however with the continuing acceleration in further developing its unique software the team at iCorp Digital have high confidence that the industry as a whole will benefit greatly from its innovation.

As of April 2017 the following buildings form part of iCorp Digital’s Beta portfolio where clients within these buildings are testing current and updated features of all iCorp Digital’s software functionalities. Over the coming months iCorp Digital will extend its focus to other apartment building complexes within the Adelaide region to gain as much feedback as possible in order to accelerate the product to a platform that benefits the Body Corporate industry as a whole.

Central Adelaide

Built in April 2017 Central Adelaide is South Australia’s second largest Apartment building comprising of 260 Residential and 5 Commercial lots over 21 levels.
Central Adelaide contains an incomparable array of facilities for its members including an Infinity Pool, Sky Deck with BBQ area, Putting Green, Cinema, Gymnasium, Meeting Room and Billiards Room.
Situated within 500m of the Central Adelaide markets this building will remain one of Adelaide’s most premium residents well into the future.
Website URL: www.icorpdigital.com.au/centraladelaide
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Art Apartments

Built by award winning architects Loucas Zahos in 2013 The Art Apartments located on Flinders Street in Adelaide offers a welcomed uplift in vibrancy and aesthetics to the east of the City.
With 51 lots spanned over 14 levels this building offers some of the best views you could ask for over the Adelaide Hills and eastern suburbs region.
The building offers residents security and practicality whilst giving the east end of Adelaide a base for further development of this untouched region.
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